STAG Carbonious Belt Replacement

STAG Carbonious Belt Replacement

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STAG Carbonious Belt is the core of the STAG drive. New splicing technology allows the belt to be joined through the rear triangle of your frame utilizing only a hex driver or a pair of pliers. The belt is cut to the precise length required by your bike, and the ends are shaped to perfectly distribute the tensile forces over the entire length of the joint.

These belts utilize the most advanced carbon fiber belt technology available to deliver exceptional strength, extreme durability, exquisite pedal feel, and drive efficiency comparable to a chain. 

Replace your worn or damaged belt, or get yourself a spare that can be carried coiled and deployed in the field.


  • Custom belt lengths hand-tailored to your ride
  • Constructed from carbon fibre tensile cords in polyurethane sheath, with nylon tooth facing
  • 8 mm tooth pitch
  • Hardware for splicing belt is included. 
  • 1.3 mm hex driver is included. Optional pliers are not.


  • Installation is easier with pliers that can open to 24 mm (~1 inch) 
  • Chain stay length under 45 cm (17.5 inches)
  • If you require an unusual length, please email us! We support tandem riders. Cargo riders. Double stacked riders. Riders.